Chocolate Drops

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Dark and Dairy Free options available

Chocolate Drops are small chips of chocolate produced from the highest grade cocoa powder and are formulated to keep their shape when baked. Chocolate drops are used widely in the baking industry for numerous applications and are available in many sizes and flavours. Cut up chunks of semi-sweet chocolate were first added to chocolate chip cookies in 1937, and have since evolved to become a staple ingredient in many bakery recipes.


Product Benefits:
• Dairy and gluten free.
• Contain 41% cocoa solids.
• Bake-stable.
• Contain less cocoa butter than baking chocolate.


Product Applications:
• Commonly used in chocolate chip biscuits and muffins.
• Used as decoration on ice-cream, cakes and more.
• Can also be added to pancakes and other similar bakery products.

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