Cocoa Powder Black

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Gluten Free

Black Cocoa Powder is produced from the crushed beans of the cacao tree and has been alkalised to a pH of 7.7-9.3. Cacao trees are found in the tropical regions close to the equator, with countries such as Indonesia, Brazil and Malaysia among the largest producers of its beans. Cocoa beans are highly nutritious, containing high levels of protein, fibre and polyphenols. Originally only grown in the Amazon region, Cocoa beans are now grown all along the equator due to the continued increase in demand.


Product Benefits:
• Alkalised to a pH of 7.7-9.3.
• Dissolves into liquids more easily than natural cocoa.
• Does not react with baking soda due to neutral acidity.
• Reduced fat content.


Product Applications:
• Perfect for boosting colour in Oreo-type biscuits and other bakery products.
• Used as an ingredient in chocolate, confectionery, bakery, beverages and dairy products.

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