Egg Whole Powder

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Gluten Free
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Barn Egg & Free Range options also available

Egg Whole Powder is produced from whole eggs that have been spray dried to form a powder. With a shelf life of up to 2 years, our egg powders provide a more convenient option when using egg products in many common manufacturing processes. Egg whole powder is an excellent source of vitamins and protein.


Product Benefits:
• Contains high levels of protein.
• Long shelf life.
• Easy storage and transportation.
• Saves time and removes waste during production.
• Reduces cost.


Product Applications:
• Used in bakery products as a substitute for whole eggs.
• 400 grams of a liquid whole egg can be replaced by just 100 grams of Whole Egg Powder.
• Adds a lighter texture to your baking.
• Used to produce protein-rich foods.

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