Maize Starch Low Moisture

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Low Moisture Maize Starch is obtained from the endosperm portion of a Maize kernel and dried especially to a low humidity content. Maize is a cereal that is cultivated all over the world due to its capability of growing under diverse climatic, soil and physical conditions. The largest producers of Maize are the USA and China, whilst other countries across the globe such as Argentina and Italy are also large producers of the cereal. Maize contains a fair percentage of both protein and fibre, whilst also offering a good source of minerals and vitamins.


Product Benefits:
• Reduces humidity of powders.
• Increases microbial stability.
• Acts as a binder.


Product Applications:
• Reduces the risk of caking throughout a powder’s shelf life.
• Assists in adhering sesame seeds or spices to crackers.
• Creates a dry coating to reduce stickiness to moulds or pans and between bakery products.

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