Nutrigerm Flour

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Nutrigerm is a flour that is obtained from maize germs that have been processed via a specific clean label hydrothermic process. Its “hazelnut” taste makes it the ideal ingredient to replace nuts in numerous applications. It is also 100% nut free! What’s more, thanks to its low fat content, nutrigerm is more suited to industrial processes than nuts (no clumping or sticking on production lines) and it helps make your products more balanced. This innovative, premium ingredient provides outstanding results!


Product Benefits:
• Nut replacer.
• Adds appetizing colour and flavour.
• Excellent nutritional benefits.
• Stabilized in pasteurized emulsion.


Product Applications:
• It can be added to dough (between 5% and 10%) without changing its behaviour.
• Used to replace nuts in breakfast bars, macaroon fillings, cereal breakfasts and many more.
• Also used in biscuits, pastries, cakes, sauces and other bakery products to improve colour, flavour or nutritional balance.

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