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Rice Starch is a natural polymeric carbohydrate that is extracted from rice. Rice is a crop that grows best in the hot and wet tropical climate that is found in many Asian and American countries such as India, China, the Philippines and Brazil. Rice contains many valuable nutrients such as protein, vitamin B, manganese and magnesium. Research has shown that rice was consumed by dinosaurs and has been growing in India and China for up to 35 million years!


Product Benefits:
• Higher gel strength that gives a firmer consistency and crispiness after drying.
• Smallest particle size of all starches (2-8 microns), making it very absorbent.
• Has a very clean taste and doesn’t interfere with other flavours.


Product Applications:
• Used in extruded snacks and breakfast cereals.
• Applicable for use in bakery products such as batters, breads and gelled dairy desserts.
• Granule size is similar to that of fat globules making Rice Starch a suitable fat replacer.

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