Soya Bakers Bonus

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Gluten Free
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Bakers Bonus is a blend of functional soya proteins that act as a bread improver. It is manufactured by very careful handling of ingredients to preserve the functional characteristics of the protein to provide desired benefits. These functionally active proteins absorb water quickly and once the water binds with the proteins it remains intact with the proteins for a longer time. During baking, the water which binds with carbohydrates is evaporated and lost, but the water which binds with Bakers Bonus functional proteins does not get evaporated.


Product Benefits:
• Contains a high percentage of plant based protein.
• Gives bread a softer texture because of its high water absorption power.
• Gives extra yield and improves the colour of bread.
• Delays fungal growth due to no freely available water.


Product Applications:
• Used to improve texture and colour, and to increase the yield and shelf life of breads and buns.
• Basic raw material for bread improver manufacturers.

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