Soya Flour

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Gluten Free

Full Fat, Low Fat & Toasted options available

Soya Flour is produced from soya beans that have been dehulled and milled to form a fine flour. Soya beans are usually grown in regions such as the Americas, China, India and Europe, where temperate climates and higher levels of precipitation are ideal for cultivation. High in both protein and fibre, soya beans are also a good source of vitamin B. Soya beans were first cultivated in China around 1100 BC but were soon also grown in Japan, before reaching the USA in the late 18th century.


Product Benefits:
• An all-round baking ingredient that contributes many benefits to mixes.
• Can be used in many bakery products increase protein level and shelf life.
• Adds smoothness that eases rolling.


Product Applications:
• Used in pies, biscuits, doughnuts, cakes, pasta, pancake mixes and other products such as sauces and gravies.
• Widely used for its nutritional benefits and versatility in bakery products

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