Tapioca Pearls

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Tapioca Pearls are produced by rolling tapioca starch extracted from the root of the Cassava plant into spherical balls. Cassava is grown in the tropical climates found in countries such as Brazil and Thailand, where there are moderate levels of precipitation and plenty of sunlight. Cassava contains low levels of protein and fibre and no essential minerals or vitamins. Tapioca is native to Brazil but was successfully introduced to Asia through Spanish and Portuguese explorers.


Product Benefits:
• White granules with no taste.
• Cost effective texturizer and thickener.
• Becomes a chewy, gummy ball when cooked.


Product Applications:
• Used to make tapioca puddings and boba tea.
• Added to baked goods for improved texture.
• Also used as a thickener in soups, sauces and gravies.

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