Yeast Dried Instant

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Gluten Free

Our Instant Dried Yeast is a commercial bakers yeast that is bred, grown, and processed specifically for baking. A vital component of a large proportion of bakery products, most bakers use or have used yeast at some point in their mixes! Our Instant Dried Yeast has been produced in a state of the art production facility since 1973 by a world-leading producer and is used in the bakery and pastry industry for leavened doughs.


Product Benefits:
• More finely ground than active dried yeast.
• Very fast-acting.
• Dissolves directly in dough without having to be hydrated in water.


Product Applications:
• Used in the bakery and pastry industry for leavened doughs.
• Added to bakery products to provide a light, airy texture.


Sizes Available:
• 20 x 500 gram pouches.
• 480 x 11 gram pouches.

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