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The BakeRite NPD Team

We trust our customers’ understanding of the industry and we want to make sure we can meet their needs, which is why we listen when they tell us what they’re looking for. There are always new and unique developments in the works and, although we will initiate many of these, customer requests always take priority.
With our dedicated new product development team working around the clock to design, develop and test new free from blends, you can rest assured that these ingredients are of the highest quality and are sure to provide new and exciting possibilities.

BakeRite’s Quality Assurance

Product Development Kitchen

We have our own dedicated test kitchen built to industry standards where you can come to work with our New Product Development team and help perfect your product!



Always developing new products

Testing new free from blends

Creating new recipes

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In-House Food Testing Laboratory

BakeRite’s in-house laboratory is equipped with industry-leading instrumentation for analysis of parameters such as starch pasting properties and product texture.

Standard RVA Pasting Profiles for our ingredients are now available to BakeRite customers!

External Testing Service

Rapid Visco Analyser Pasting Profiles can be carried out on your own ingredients, to:

Support your Product Development

Help you gain a better understanding of ingredient functionality

Match your ingredients with equivalent products from our range

Troubleshoot your issues and provide effective solutions

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