Millet Flakes

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Millet Flakes are produced by rolling decorticated grains of millet into small flakes. Millet is mainly cultivated in Europe, Africa, and Asia as the grains need a warm climate to be grown successfully. Millet is a good source of fibre and protein and also contains vital nutrients such as calcium and magnesium. First cultivated in Asia over 4000 years ago, Millet is still used agriculturally and nutritionally all over the world.


Product Benefits:
• Small flat yellowish flakes.
• Naturally slightly sweet in flavour.


Product Applications:
• Used to decorate finished products.
• Can be cooked in milk and added to other flakes such as buckwheat flakes or oat flakes to make porridge or muesli.
• Can also be used in recipes to add more nutrients, texture and crunch.

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