Tapioca Starch Alpha Instant

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Tapioca Starch Alpha Instant is a clean label modified tapioca starch extracted from the root of the cassava plant. It has been pregelatinized to give the product special thickening properties and works directly at cold temperatures.

Product Benefits:
• Clean Label.
• Great texturizing and binding agent.
• Swells immediately in cold water.
• Excellent thickening agent that is effective at a low viscosity.
• White, tasteless powder.


Product Applications:
• Gives doughs more support, assisting uncooked products to stabilise prior to baking.
• Used for thickening pie fillings, stews, gravies, and soups.
• Ideal for use in batters as it adheres to the surface of the product to be coated.
• Also used in gluten free breads, rolls, cakes, snacks and coatings.

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