Locust Bean Gum

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Gluten Free
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Locust bean gum is extracted from the seeds of a carob tree. These trees abound in the hot and dry climate found in Turkey and the Mediterranean. Known to be a good source of calcium, locust bean gum also contains a high percentage of fibre. Records show that carob trees grew over 6000 years ago and there is evidence that locust bean gum was used to prepare bodies for mummification in ancient Egypt.


Product Benefits:
• Good binding, thickening and stabilizing agent.
• Excellent source of dietary fibre.
• Mildly sweet in flavour.


Product Applications:
• Helps thicken and stabilize bakery products such as ice-cream, yoghurt, breads and salad dressings.
• Often used in food production to provide sweet taste to chocolate.
• Used to boost nutritional profile of gluten free foods and other bakery products.

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