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Bamboo Fibre is obtained from the fibre rich parts of the bamboo plant. The majority of the world’s bamboo is grown in either China, India or Myanmar where the warm tropical climate offers perfect conditions. Considered to be a highly nutritional food, bamboo has a high content of protein, fibre, minerals and vitamins such as vitamins A, E and B6. Over millions of years, bamboo has evolved from a prehistoric grass to the nutritious food source that we know today.


Product Benefits:
• High in natural insoluble fibre.
• Resembles a flavourless and tasteless fibrous white powder.
• Increases resistance to staling for baked goods.
• Improved crust formation, texture and better crispiness.
• Flavour carrier.


Product Applications:
• Increases the freshness of meat and fish products.
• Increases dough yield of baked goods.
• Can be used to create drier and crispier coatings.

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