Cellulose Fibre

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Gluten Free
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Cellulose Fibre is produced from plants that have been processed into a pulp and extruded. Cellulose is a natural building material of all plant structures and is derived from hard wood and fibrous plants. As a dietary fibre, cellulose aids waste removal in your body. First discovered by a French chemist in the 19th century, cellulose fibre is now used widely across the world and has been adapted for many diverse applications.


Product Benefits:
• A natural, insoluble fibre.
• Tasteless and odorless.
• Cost effective.
• High water holding capacity.


Product Applications:
• Used in recipes to boost health benefits such as improved heart health and prevention of constipation.
• Added to recipes as a source of dietary fibre or to improve texture.
• Used as a bulking agent in low-calorie and gluten-free baked products.
• Suitable for use as an anti-caking agent.

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