Linseed Brown Milled

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Gluten Free

Organic option also available

Milled Brown Linseed is produced by milling the small linseeds to form a coarse flour. Linseed (also known as flaxseed) is best grown in the cooler, moist climate found in countries like Canada, China, and Russia. Linseed is a rich source of protein, fibre and many other nutrients such as iron and calcium. In ancient times, linseed was cultivated for its fibre which was used as a textile, but linseed is now also grown for its nutritious seeds.


Product Benefits:
• Offers many health benefits due to high nutritional content.
• Contains a gel that gives it a very effective binding functionality.
• Brown in colour.


Product Applications:
• Used for baking muffins, breads, loaves, pancakes and cookies.
• Can be used in vegan recipes to replace fat and egg.

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